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Cami. AI at your fingertips.

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    AI at your fingertips.

    Cami can be used on your favorite messaging applications. Cami is an AI assistant that can provide helpful answers, generate images, and transcribe audio.

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    Cami leverages top AI technology

    GPT-4, GPT-3.5, Whisper, Stable Diffusion

    People image: male and female

    AI with a personality

    Want to talk to a celebrity, TV show character, or a historical figure? Cami can be customized to talk like anyone.

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    Speak to Cami

    Cami will reply to both text and audio messages.

    Image generation

    Image generation that will blow your mind

    With the help of the Stable Diffusion plugin.

    /imagine Close-up portrait of mix of European lady, floral printed clothing, extremely high-quality photograph, outdoor background, intricate, exquisite details and textures, warm lighting, sharp focus, high resolution, detailed eyes, 8k UHD, Nikon D850, high quality, film grain, hyper-realistic skin (detailed skin:1. 3)

    Chat anytime, anywhere

    Find amazing food recipes. Receive tech support. Learn how to write a resume. Cami will always be readily available.

    Cami is a polyglot

    Cami will read and write almost any language. For example, you can practice your language skills or get help when visiting a foreign country.

    Supported languages



    🇪🇸 Spanish

    🇵🇹 Portuguese

    🇫🇷 French

    🇪🇬 Arabic

    🇳🇱 Dutch

    🇩🇪 German

    🇮🇹 Italian

    🇷🇴 Romanian

    🇷🇺 Russian

    🇮🇩 Indonesian

    🇯🇵 Japanese

    🇨🇳 Chinese

    🇰🇷 Korean

    🇲🇾 Malay

    🇻🇳 Vietnamese

    ...and more

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